Should Women Seek Technology Jobs?

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Unless you have been leaving under a rock so far, you must have heard of the rather bad reputation that women working in the field of technology have received. Unfortunately, they have received a lot of bad press over the years. While there are a few issues that still need to be fixed, the number of negative articles that can be found online for example would easily make someone unfamiliar with the topic to think that women are in fact not suitable for a career in technology. And this could not be further from the truth.

If you are still having second doubts, and you are about to enroll in a college program, here are a few ideas you should keep in mind before making your call.

Why Women Should Consider A Career In Tech

  • They will get to choose from a greater pool of jobs. Since the high-tech sector has close to 25 percent greater chances to see new businesses emerging compared to the economy as a whole, women have a pretty good chance to actually land a job upon graduation. We warmly invite you to tale a look at the technology program we have prepared for you at our university. Get in touch with us for any questions you might have and let us answer your every concern.

  • If you will choose to work in a field like new business models for the security industry for example, you should expect to receive more than satisfying wages. A modern-day house locksmith for example is now a security consultant who does so much more than change locks or cut keys. They offer customers in all walks of life with assistance with their security needs, be it home, car, or commercial spaces. They can advise upon the most suitable types of locks, security systems, surveillance cameras, and other security devices that would work best in a custom situation and a given scenario. As a tech expert, you could help permanently develop new security software and programs that can help electronic locks or security systems perform better.

  • As a woman, you must also know about all the struggles and vulnerabilities you have to face every day, personal security included. You could dedicate your work to developing new types of personal alarms that can be carried on a person and used to ask for help or draw the attention of the people around them, when they feel under threat.

  • Whatever area you might choose to work in, you will find your tech diploma and learned skills extremely useful. Working in the field of technology means taking on a path or solving the bigger problems of the world. Whether you are passionate about mobile communications or enhanced interconnectivity, you will get to bring your own contribution to the solutions.

  • Plus, you could take advantage of the possibility to work remotely using laptops and smartphones and a connection to the internet, which should give you a lot more flexibility. As a working mother, this should prove to be a powerful argument for joining our technology program.