Brazosport College rewarded for participation in CenterPoint program

 In Education
by Billy Loveless


Brazosport College recently participated in the 2017 CenterPoint SCORE Program and was awarded more than $188,000 in energy-efficiency incentives.

The completed energy-efficiency measures include campus-wide LED lighting, HVAC and HVAC controls upgrades.

In total, these projects will help the College save more than 324 kilowatts of peak demand and 1,700 megawatt-hours annually. This sum of energy savings is the carbon dioxide equivalent of 254 passenger vehicles driven for one entire year or 177 homes’ electricity use for one entire year.

Pictured are, from left: Dan Dippon, Director of Energy Efficiency & Economic Development, CenterPoint; Julienne Sugarek, Service Area Director, CenterPoint; Cheryl Bowman, Energy Efficiency Manager, CenterPoint; Drew Scatizzi, Program Manager, CenterPoint; David Marshall, Vice President, Financial Services & CFO, Brazosport College; and Dr. Millicent Valek, President, Brazosport College.

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