Booming Texas Cities – Infographic

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In 2013, four cities in Texas were considered the fastest growing cities in America, and that trend continues on into 2014. The economic growth of the four cities – Houston, Austin, Odessa, and Dallas – can be seen throughout the cities’ infrastructure, from their low unemployment rates to their high gross metropolitan products. Texas’ fast-growing economy and easy recovery from the recent recession in the late 2000s can be attributed to its business-friendly regulatory environment, lack of state income tax for corporations or people, and highly-educated labor market.

People aren’t the only ones flocking to live in Texas. Major corporations believe in the Lone Star state, as well. We hold the record for the most Fortune 500 companies headquartered in any state and other businesses like Toyota, State Farm and ExxonMobil are helping to bring thousands of jobs to further grow the booming state. Find out more about how these cities and companies are helping to make Texas the great state that it is.

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Booming Texas Cities Infographic