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As the importance of medical information expands in the workforce, employees are needed to help manage and process electronic health records.

“Health Information Management is a growing field entwined in every aspect of health care,” said Dr. Stacy Ebert, ACC Dean of Legal and Health Sciences.

There is a shortage of employees in Health Information Management and this new program will address that need.

Medical records includes information such as health history, lab work, imaging, medication, treatment or other data required by a facility or provider. Medical records are managed, sorted, and saved to ensure data accessibility.

Health Information managers ensure that appropriate codes are assigned to each diagnosis and procedure so there is proper reimbursement to the health care facility.  They work for hospitals, physician’s offices, urgent care facilities, HIM vendors, pharmacies, insurance companies, and EHR software companies.

Positions in health information management are projected to increase by 13 percent over the next ten years, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Median income for those working in Texas are approximately $20 an hour or $41,510 a year.

The ACC program will initially have openings for 12 students and is projected to increase by 24 over the next five years.

ACC offers the only program with online courses in Health Information Management in the region.

“HIM courses will be offered completely online, allowing a more flexible schedule for those with busy work schedules or young children at home,” Ebert said.

Registration for the third Spring minisemester and Summer semester is now open. Fall registration will open April 29.

For more information, visit or call 281-756-3500.

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